Design, Manufacture, Erection & Commissioning of Systems


 Air Cooling (Humidification)

 Dust Proofing & Pressurisation

 Dust Exhaust / Dust Collection

 Fume Exhaust / Fume Scrubbing

 Kitchen Exhaust

 Spray Painting Booths

 Fuming Chambers

 Filters & Filtration Systems
Cyclone most economical for dust gas
separation. Dust laden air enters tangentially, where centrifugal forces &
sprial motion drives the dust downwards to the cone outlet.
Efficiency : 80% down & 5 microns / 88% down & 20 microns.
Cyclones may be installed single or multiple, in parallel or series.

Fume Scrubbers
 Types: Packed Column, Impingement Plate, Venture
Capacity : Upto 1,00,000 cum/hr
Efficiency : Upto 99%
Material of Construction : M.S., S.S., PVC, PP, FRP, HDPE, FRB etc.
 Mainly used for separation of hazardous gases from fumes by scrubbing,
 gases laden fumes by scrubbing, gases laden fumes are sucked and 
 brought in scrubbing unit, nullifying agent is sprayed from top, due to
 scrubbing hazardous gases dissolve in reagent and clean air is thrown in

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